Is there a difference between rap and hip-hop?

At first glance, there is a lot of confusion between rap and hip-hop. However, they are all part of urban music, so there are certainly some differences between them. Find in this article, the definition of these themes, their similarities and the difference that exists between them.

Definition of rap and hip-hop

When we talk about speed in music, all thoughts converge on rap. Rap is the type of music in which the lyrics are recited in a rhythmic and very fast way. This music is initiated by African-Americans. For this reason, until now the tradition of the griots of West Africa remain the precursor of this music. It is characterized by its rhythm, rhyme, sound and cadence.

Hip-hop is not only a type of music, but also an artistic movement and a culture. This music is the work of urban African-Americans. It is essentially composed of four elements. These are djing, graffiti, raping and break dancing. Outside of these elements, we have the hip-hop language, the hip-hop style that is also part of the hip-hop culture.

Similarities and differences between Hip Hop and Rap

The first thing you need to understand is that rap and hip-hop are all part of urban music. They are all American in origin. In addition, rap is very often used by hip-hop. In fact, in many songs, hip-hop fans rap. But that’s not always the case. And that’s where the confusion comes in. Because for some people, when you talk about hip-hop, you are necessarily talking about rap.

As far as the difference is concerned, remember that rap is characterized by a fast and rhythmic recitation with an instrumental accompaniment. Whereas hip-hop is only an artistic movement. Furthermore, rap is one of the components of hip-hop, whereas hip-hop is composed of other components besides rap. Finally, you have to understand that rap is not just hip-hop and in the same way not all hip-hop music includes rap.